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Young, compassionate crusader shows the way | India News

As technology continues to evolve and reshape our everyday lives, it stands to reason that the world of philanthropy would change along with it. Amey Agarwal is one young trailblazer who advances altruism in more efficient and transparent ways than ever before. Amey is a new age philanthropist who is making a positive impact in the world by supporting a cause that matter to him personally. 

Nephrohelp is a charitable community initiated by one of Kolkata’s youngest social volunteers and student Amey Agarwal for supporting the kids suffering from nephritic syndrome, bringing a change and making a meaningful improvement to the lives of thousands of vulnerable families regardless of the child’s economic circumstances. Amey says, “We are more than obliged and happy to help Warisha Khan (14 yrs) & Gaurav Mukherjee (13 yrs ) by taking initiative in providing them all the medical necessities under the mentorship and guidance of Dr Rajiv Sinha, Professor & HOD of Pediatric Nephrology Division and thank him for extending his support for this noble cause.”

Amey the compassionate crusader believes that “Every Child should have the chance to become an adult.”

Nephrotic syndrome is a condition that causes the kidneys to leak large amounts of protein into the urine. This can lead to a range of problems, including swelling of body tissues and a greater chance of catching infections. Kidney disease that affects a kidney’s filtering system is the most common cause of nephrotic syndrome in children. Other causes can include diseases that affect other parts of the body, infections, some medicines, and genetics. In many countries Nephrotic syndrome is considered to be a disability.

Amey took the initiative and tied up with ICH (Institute of Child Health) which is one of the oldest hospitals in India catering to the weaker and challenged sections of the society in India. The foundation stone was laid by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1956.

 Amey believes that “there is no greater gift than the gift of life, we not only make a living by what we get but we make a life by what you give.”

Amey Agarwal himself overcame the nephrotic syndrome under the medical guidance and treatment of Prof Dr Rajiv Sinha by the age of 12 and it struck him about similar conditions of children who come from challenged conditions of the society and not as lucky as him, so the idea of Nephrohelp was born and he dreams to take this forward and his efforts  took shape through his organization helping Warisha and Gaurav being supported with an amount of Rs 8 lakhs over a period of 7 months through donations and contributions from philanthropists towards Amey’s dream project Nehphrohelp.

“We are witnessing rising cases of kidney disorder among children in the state. But, we hardly have a few trained pediatric nephrologists in our state to deal with the situation. We need more and more trained pediatric nephrologists and more specialised units/ hospitals here to address the situation,” Rajiv Sinha, head of pediatric nephrology at the Institute of Child Health (ICH)

Amey believes in the words of Mother (Saint) Teresa, “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

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