Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2023

Woman’s Brazillian butt lift is the ‘best’ TikTok users have ‘ever seen’

Adea is a social media influencer with over 1.5 million followers who enjoys showing off her style on her TikTok account @adee.ah. In recent months Adea has been detailing the aftermath of getting liposuction and a Brazillian butt lift around six months ago. She has openly spoken about her struggles and pain since getting the surgery.

What exactly is a Brazilian butt lift (BBL)? A BBL is when fat is taken from elsewhere into the body and injected into the abdomen, hips, lower back, thighs and bottom. The fat is removed with lipsuction, cleaned, and put back in.

Earlier this year, Adea answered questions about getting a Brazilian butt lift from her followers and said the surgery was “the worst pain I’ve ever felt.” She said: “I thought I was gonna die…they even compared giving birth to getting a BBL.”

The social media influencer said she could not sit for four months after getting the surgery. At the time, Adrea said: “I’m four months post-op now and I still haven’t sat because I want my full potential to be all there.”

Adea was also honest about scarring from the sugary and said she had scars under each of her arms plus some on her legs and back.

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In another video, Adea posted a short clip where she said she had figured out “a way to describe the pain of a BBL.”

She said: “You know when you hit yourself, and then the next day, you have, like, a bruise? And then someone touches it, or you touch it and it hurts? That’s how it feels all over your body.”

Adea also compared the pain from the surgery to being burned. She said: “You know when you’re cooking something, or you’re doing your hair, and then you burn yourself, really hot? That same feeling, all over your body.”

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The social media influencer has also said that it was the areas where she had liposuction – such as her arms, back stomach, sides and inner thighs – that have hurt the most since.

In her recent social media posts, Adea seems to have made a recovery as she has been posting videos of a butterfly tattoo she has gotten on her lower back as well as posting pictures of herself modelling new outfits.

While speaking to the New York Post, Adea spoke about her recovery and said: “I’m five months post-op, so I don’t have anymore pain, although when I sit it is still a little sensitive, especially [sitting] for a long time,

In the comment section of Adea’s video, people complimented Adea’s look despite the hard recovery. One comment said: “That is the most worthwhile BBL I’ve ever seen” while someone else said: “You really do have one of the best BBLs I’ve ever seen.”

Other people commented their own stories about hard recoveries after getting a BBL. One person wrote: It felt like I got hit by a train the first day. The second day was only when I was touched. My butt was just so swollen and hard.”

However, somebody else said they had no issue with their own surgery, and said: “Mine wasn’t that bad, I don’t regret it. I’d do it again if needed. Definitely not the ‘worst pain of my life’. Adea responded to the commentator congratulating them on their speedy recovery and said: “Good for you girl.”

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