Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2023

Top ways in which over-70s stay young – from eating well to regular sex life

Taking vitamin supplements, keeping up to date with the latest technology, and even maintaining an active or regular sex life, are all things that over-70s swear by to stay young.

And three-quarters (76 percent) believe that pensioners are reaching “old age” much later now than in past generations, as they typically don’t feel “old” until they turn 78.

And 75 percent of those polled feel they “old age” stereotype no longer applies to their age group.

Now, a quiz has been created that will determine how old you are at heart, considering your hobbies, interests, and activities you take part in.

A spokesman for Vitabiotics Wellman 70+ and Wellwoman 70+ vitamins, which commissioned the research, said: “Getting older no longer means you have to slow down and miss out on the things you love.

“For a long time, a popular phrase was “40 is the new 30” – but now, as people are living longer, it’s probably fair to say in many cases 70 can be the new 40.

“Older adults are more informed and proactive to stay active and healthy, which enables them to keep doing the things they love and live their lives well.”

One in 20 youthful over-70s even admit to still lifting their feet up and gliding around on supermarket trollies every time they get the chance.

And 16 percent swear by hanging out with people younger than themselves, while nine percent keep up with new music.

The study also asked respondents what age they’d have considered someone old, when they were a child – pinpointing that age at 53 years and four months.

But 43 percent think they are doing a good job of changing people’s perceptions of what “old” people are like.

And 23 percent believe their grandchildren don’t see them as “old”, with 29 percent claiming they are even seen as in-the-know on current trends by their younger counterparts.

More than four in ten (43 percent) tend to feel they age more physically than mentally, with just nine percent feeling the strain in their brain.

The spokesman for Wellman 70+ and Wellwoman 70+ vitamins added: “Being young really is a state of mind, it seems.

“By making the effort to stay active both physically and mentally, as well as taking good care of your general health, it really is possible to stave off those feelings of being old for years, or even decades.

“However, a lot of it comes from humility gained with age – you’re much less likely to feel older, when you’re older yourself.”

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