Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2023

Target hack to get free stuff

If you are someone that loves a good bargain or someone who regularly shops at Target, there are ways to get some free items from the shopping giant. Target is currently running two programs that will send out products to some lucky customers, so if you are looking to try out some new products or looking to save some money, you may wish to sign up for these exclusive partnerships.

Target has recently teamed up with, Sample, a company in which subscribers can sample free products from companies in exchange for an honest review. As part of the partnership, Sample will now send some lucky shoppers an exclusive mystery box, called a Target Insider Box, which will contain some free new products.

In exchange for these items, you will be asked to write a review for each item you are sent, and simply have to give your honest opinion, which seems like a good deal in order to receive some free goodies.

The free items you are sent are based on the answers to a questionnaire you will need to fill in before you sign up, and the program will only be available for those who qualify when they sign out.

However, it is good to keep in mind that if you don’t qualify the first you apply it does not mean you won’t qualify in the future. You simply have to keep checking the website to see when they are lucking for reviewers.

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Another way to score some free items is also through Target’s Hey Bullseye programme. Like Sampler, it is another program within the retail giant in which you are sent free products in exchange for an honest review.

Keep in mind that Hey Bullseye is invite-only, and the only way to sign up for the program is to begin leaving frequent – but most importantly honest – reviews on the Target website.

Once you are in the program, however, you will be sent free goodies, as Target is looking for reviews with experience with their products to help their customers make the best decisions when buying from their stores.

As part of the Hey Bullseye programme, reviewers are asked to follow the Target Reviewing Guidelines

The goal of both Hey Bullseye and Sampler is to ultimately help shoppers make the best and most educated for themselves when purchasing items, in order to have more happy customers. If you are someone who enjoys speaking their opinion and wishes to be awarded some fun new products, these Target programs may be the best way for your to receive some free goodies.

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On TikTok, people part of the Hey Bullseye programme have shown off the exclusive items they have received, which can even include furniture for your home.

One enthusiastic TikToker by the name of @queen v1366 regularly shows off her packages and said she “freaken loves” the Hey Bullseye programme.

In her social media videos, she showed off clothes, including some cosy-looking socks, a new duvet set and a small tableside as well as a bamboo bathtub cabby, that can store drinks, books and magazines for those who enjoy taking long bubble baths.

Another TikTok creator called Becky from the account @freebielady is an expert at finding free or cheap goodies for her followers, and she also highly recommended the program.

Becky also had some advice for those wishing to join the programme but has found Target is not accepting new members. She said: “Every time you buy something at Target, you get one of those fun surveys which say ‘we wanna know what your experience was at Target’ and nobody ever fills those out.

“Fill those out. If you do that you will eventually get invited to be a participant in Bullside Insider. The most active people in Bullside Insider will then get an exclusive invitation to test out new products for free at Target.

“And that friend is how you get into the exclusive Target Bullsider Insider club.”

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