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Star Wars creator George Lucas deemed one character more important than Luke Skywalker | Films | Entertainment

still focuses on the Skywalker family, even to this day. The upcoming third season of will no doubt bring Luke Skywalker back into the fold after he took Grogu (Baby Yoda) away to train him as a Jedi. Luke was also a major part of the sequel trilogy, ending with . But, as Yoda once said: There is another. Star Wars creator George Lucas had other plans for the original trilogy.

Lucas spoke candidly about the theory behind Star Wars’ original trilogy with James Cameron in James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction.

During the in-depth discussion, he pointed out just how important another hero was: Princess Leia.

He said: “She is a senator. She graduated from college. She’s a very smart person, very much in control. And she’s a good shot.”

What’s more, Lucas pointed out that, at the beginning of their battle against the Empire, Luke and Han Solo were not exactly the greatest heroes around.

Looking at the original trilogy’s narrative, it’s easy to see what Lucas was saying.

Without Leia, R2-D2 and C-3PO would not have been given the Death Star plans and got them to Luke and Ben Kenobi.

What’s more, she became integral in organising the Rebel Alliance in the following movies, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Finally, she was responsible for destroying the shield surrounding the Death Star when she and Han Solo launched an assault on the Forest Moon of Endor.

The sequel trilogy placed Leia in an important part of the story, as well. Not only was she the mother of Kylo Ren / Ben Solo, the series’ antagonist, but she was also the leader of the Resistance.

Even after she was killed off in the franchise, her lightsaber became the weapon Rey Skywalker used to defeat Emperor Palpatine.

It’s easy to see that, without Leia, the Star Wars series would have fallen to the Dark Side.

The Star Wars films are available to stream on now.

The Mandalorian season 3 begins on Wednesday on Plus.


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