Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023

Spot the difference: Only someone with a keen eye can spot all differences within 13 seconds

Spot the difference is a seemingly simple but quite challenging pictorial puzzle. In this challenge, you have to find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar-looking images with some minor differences. The challenge is to find those differences either in the given time limit or before your challenging player. You emerge as a winner if you are able to achieve this.
Along with being fun and boosting your mood, these puzzles can also boost your mind. These are great for children as they will never get tired of these fun challenges, and practicing them will improve your child’s focus and concentration power. They can also help to increase your child’s observation skills to notice tiny details.

Given below are two otherwise identical looking pictures but they carry some minute differences. In the photos, you can see a little boy learning how to ride the bike with the help of his father. Now your task is to find just 3 differences between the two pictures. Simple right? To make it challenging, we have a time limit! You only have 13 seconds. So before you begin, set the timer to 13 seconds and begin. All the best!














1..time up!

Excellent job for those who were able to find all the 3 differences. Great work to those who could find 2. Those who were able to find just 1, you have a lot of potential to improve and eventually find them all. As for those who couldn’t find any, keep practicing and better luck next time!

Spot the difference: Solution

Below we have highlighted all the differences for you to tally or check for answers.


1. The tree leaves are pointed differently.

2. The back pocket in the little boy’s shorts is missing.

3. The headlight of the cycle is bigger in the right picture.

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