Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023

Shoppers raving over new anti-ageing toner that leave skin ‘soft and dewy’

Sand & Sky has released a brand new toner with wonder ingredient marshmallow and shoppers are insisting it makes their pores smaller.

Perfect as a second step in a skincare routine, this toner hydrates and brightens skin while also gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells leaving the skin brighter.

It uses Marshmallow Root Extract which is known for it’s anti-irritant, soothing and emollient properties which help to promote skin health. 

It also includes ACB Fruit Extract, this contains natural AHAs – Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Malic and Tartaric Acids – which gently exfoliates skin while moisturising, leaving behind a rejuvenated complexion. Not only that, but it also enhances collagen production, reversing signs of ageing.

Skincare favourite ingredients of Niacinamide, for anti-ageing and blue light protection, and Glycolic Acid, known for smoothing texture and brightening skin, are also in the ‘incredible toner’.

It’s no surprise that shoppers are insisting that it has become a must have part of their skincare routine, with them insisting it leaves their skin feeling ‘soft and dewy’.

One shopper wrote: “An incredible toner. My skin feels so much more soft and supple. I had post acne marks on the left side of my face especially that have somewhat reduced by a lot!”

A second penned: “Since using the Marshmallow toner my skin feels amazing. Within the first 3 days of using this product morning and night, I noticed a difference. My skin is visibly smoother and brighter. I will definitely be adding this product to my daily routine.”

A third added: “I love this toner!It feels light and refreshing on the skin and absorbs in quickly! My face definitely felt softer and more hydrated while consistently using 2x/day. I also loved that it has a slight/subtle scent of marshmallow right when you put it on! The smell evaporates quickly as the toner dries and is not overpowering in anyway!”

A fourth said: “This has become part of my morning routine with the pink clay deep pore cleanser and hydration boost cream, and my evening routine with the pink clay deep pore cleanser and renewing night cream. The marshmallow toner has quickly become my favourite product to use, it feels great on my skin and it smells great. My skin feels so soft and dewy, and my pores have become noticeably less visible.”

You can buy Sand & Sky’s Marshmallow Toner here for £30.90.

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