Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2023

Shock as fake man found at police sub-inspector training in Gujarat

The Gujarat police were shocked on Tuesday when one Mayur Tadavi was found taking training along with 1,381 other candidates who had passed two-level exams to be selected as sub-inspectors. 

Mr. Tadavi never appeared in any written or physical exam and yet he managed to join the training for the newly recruited sub-inspectors and even received one month’s salary. 

On Tuesday, the police told the media that one person was found illegally training and a probe has been launched to find how he managed to get a fake letter and other documents and joined the training for the new batch. 

In 2022, about 1,382 candidates were recruited through the examination by the Police Recruitment Board chaired by Director General of Police Vikas Sahay, and four other board members. 

AAP’s charge

The police were prompted to launch a probe after whistle-blower and AAP leader Yuvrajsinh Jadeja, in a press conference, said one candidate who was now under training in the Karai police training centre in Gandhinagar had not appeared in any exam and whose name was not there in the form, physical test results or final results. 

“His name was not even mentioned in the allotment letter procured from Vadodara as he was from Vadodara. However, he is under PSI training and has even received a salary for a month,” Mr. Jadeja told the media, alleging corruption in the recruitment exam. 

“I believe at least 10 such persons have been admitted to the police force in such a manner through corruption so cross-verification of all the 1,382 candidates selected in this exam must be done,” Mr. Jadeja said on Monday. 

On Tuesday, the police found Mr. Tadavi getting the training with others in the State’s main police training centre. 

“It is shocking that it has happened. There are multiple checks and levels and yet a person who never appeared in the exam could manage to enter the system completely illegally,” a State government official said. 

Suspended from House

Meanwhile, 19 legislators of the Congress and the AAP were on Wednesday suspended from the Assembly after they protested in the House demanding an immediate discussion on Mr. Tadavi illegally training at a police academy in Karai, Gandhinagar.

After the Question Hour, the opposition members said the issue of a fake sub-inspector training at the Gujarat Police Academy in Karai must be discussed under Rule 116 of and asked if it could be taken up immediately. 

The rule mandates discussion of any urgent issue of public interest when the session is under way. 

“First the recruitment exam papers got leaked and one Mayur Tadavi, who did not take any exam and yet has been found illegally training at a police academy,” Congress CLP leader Amit Chavda said. 

He and other members of the Congress and the AAP demanded that the Chief Minister or the Home Minister reassure the people that there is no corruption in the recruitment exams. 

Harsh Sanghvi, Junior Home Minister, told the House that the police had launched a “secret inquiry” after Mr. Tadavi was found at the training academy. 

When the opposition members protested, they were suspended for a day from the House proceedings. 

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