Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2023

‘Serious Implications’: Amarinder Singh On Pro-Khalistan Leader’s Release | India News

New Delhi: Politicians, irrespective of political parties, publicly vow to not let terrorism once again flourish in Punjab but going by some ‘eye opener’ incidents such as the storming of a police station in the border town of  Ajnala and reemerging voices of Khalistan speak volumes of the groundswell support these ‘powers’ manage to arrange at a short notice even as the former Chief Minister of Punjab and a BJP leader Captain Amarinder Singh has warned of serious implications of such incidents.

Look-alike of the late  Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwala, Sikh radical leader Amritpal Singh who in the recent past was an unfamiliar face until he became president of Waris Punjab Daw (WPD)  after his return from Dubai and suddenly took a centre stage with his Azadi rhetorics.

Bowing of police administration under WPD pressure after the arrest of Lovepreet Singh alias Toofan Singh, one of the followers of Amritpal Singh booked for allegedly thrashing and kidnapping Varinder Singh, made the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government look dwarf under radicals pressure and gave much-needed ammunition to its political opponent parties.

Amritpal on Thursday led a procession along with Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib installed in a  palanquin and stormed the Ajnala police station with his followers who were seen brandishing swords, lathi and many of them were armed with guns to ‘free’ Toofan Singh from police custody.

Succumbing to the pressure of radicals, police announced to release of Toofan Singh. Interestingly, till the recent past, Toofan Singh was booked only after getting sufficient evidence against him but suddenly police were ‘convinced’ that there was no evidence against Toofan Singh, instead according to Senior Superintendent of Police, Amritsar, Rural, Satinder

Singh “according to evidence given to us by WPD, Toofan Singh was not present at the time of the incident (kidnapping and thrashing of Varinder Singh )”. React to the incident Captain Amarinder Singh as he said “this is not only a complete collapse of the law and order situation in Punjab, it is more serious than that. Amarinder Singh also cautioned against Pakistan which could not only encourage such forces but also exploit the situation.

A former intelligence officer having experience in the days of terrorism in Punjab opined that such a lenient attitude of government would cost the nation heavily like that of previous days. Negotiations are a common practice to end a dispute and bring two divergent opinions to a mutually acceptable point by way of give and take but in this case, police have not only agreed to release Toofan Singh but also constituted a Special Investigation Team to probe the registration of FIR.

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