Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2023

Sarah Ferguson’s body language ‘shuts down when asked about Harry & Meghan’ – claims

The panellist Sunny Hostin asked Fergie: “We’ve watched Harry and Meghan struggle with the British press to almost a breaking point causing them, unfortunately, to leave their duties as royals and move to America.

“You’ve taken a lot from the British press yourself and the American press sometimes even and had your own struggles.

“Can you relate to what is happening to them?” The Duchess of York cleverly tailored her answer to talk more about how more “kindness” is needed all over the world.

In doing so, she avoided the topic of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex entirely and moved on to the next subject.

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Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain how Sarah handled her body language when asked the direct question about Harry and Meghan.

She claimed: “Sarah has always had the knack of appearing to speak freely and with an air of enthusiastic spontaneity when she is being interviewed on TV.

“But then suddenly, and often with an air of authority, bringing the shutters down when she feels the subject matter is becoming too revealing.”

Judi argues that the Duchess of York adopted a “ritual” at this moment which she has used many times before in TV interviews.

The Duchess manages to swerve her answer to avoid causing any drama or controversy with the Sussexes.

Judi claimed: “She refers airily to ‘kindness’ after her pose goes from a confident splay and open gesticulation to self-diminishing with the hands initially hidden.”

This action, Judi argues, comes across as “political” during the primetime TV interview.

Judi suggested: “There is something political about the way she looks about with some gestures that suggest ending the subject rather than opening it.”

Fergie said in her answer: “Well it’s very interesting, it’s not just them actually, the press is going out of control.”

She spoke about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make each other “happy”, and that is the most important thing.

She commented: “I just think it’s so good to see Harry happy. He’s so happy and she makes him happy and that is good.

“Let’s stop judgments on every level, everywhere, let’s have more kindness in schools and more kindness in general.”

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