Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2023

Queen Maxima ‘made no attempt to hide tears’ as ‘father was not allowed to attend wedding’

and married on February 2, 2002, however, the day was filled with controversy. Maxima’s father, Jorge Zorreguieta, was not allowed to come to the wedding, because he had served as Secretary of Agriculture under the dictatorship regime of General Jorge Rafael Videla in Argentina.

Maxima’s mother, María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart, decided to stick by her husband’s side and did not attend the royal wedding either.

As a tribute to Maxima’s home country, Argentina, the Dutch Royal Family agreed to play Adiós Nonino, an Argentine tango by Ástor Piazzolla during the wedding.

This was in honour of her Argentinian origins and her parents who could not attend the wedding for controversial reasons.

A very touching moment, Maxima got extremely emotional and was seen wiping away tears whilst the music was playing.

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Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain how Maxima controlled her emotions during this touching scene.

She claimed: “This is such a touching and openly emotional moment from Queen Maxima during her wedding to King Willem-Alexander.

“The story of the music as well as the manner of her tears and how she sheds them with a look of pride and confidence make it even more intriguing.”

The music was a poignant choice, according to the body language expert.


“It is her hand on top in the clasp and, as the music plays, she seems to stroke her husband’s hand to reassure him rather than the other way round.

“Maxima makes little if any attempt to hide or suppress her tears here.

“She looks happy and comfortable to allow this signal of nostalgia and national pride to show in public.”

As an Argentinian native who just moved to The Netherlands, Maxima handled the “bittersweet” moment perfectly, according to the expert.

Judin claimed: “Her chin is raised and her mouth forms an upside-down smile with the lips clamped and a turning down at the corners to register bittersweet emotions.

“Her eyes are also clearly visible, with no cut-off gestures to hint at any embarrassment.”

Maxima makes no “desire to hide” during this episode, according to Judi.

She suggested: “When the tears roll down her face she bends her head to dab them but this is a practical gesture rather than any desire to hide.”

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