Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2023

Prince William and George were banned on the same plane – but Queen made exception

A royal spokesperson said back then that “while there is no official rule on this, and royal heirs have travelled together in the past, it is something that the Queen has the final say on,” the BBC reported.

The same rule prevented Prince William from travelling with his brother Prince Harry. Similarly, King Charles and Prince William must never travel together.

Air travel used to be more dangerous than it is now. In fact, the Duke of Edinburgh lost part of his family in a plane crash.

In 1937, the Duke of Edinburgh’s sister Cecilie, Cecilie’s husband Georg Donatus, their two sons Ludwig and Alexander, their newborn infant and her mother-in-law, Princess Eleonore of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich, died in an air crash.

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