Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2023

Personal stylist shares ‘strange but true’ reason why women look older plus how to fix it

 can be a godsend when it’s worn right. Personal stylist and image coach Melissa Lund told her top tips when it comes to working your wardrobe.

Melissa started by saying that age will always “catch up with us eventually”.

However, it doesn’t mean we have to become “frumpy” and lose our sense of style.

She stated: “Most of us are quite keen to have some tricks up our sleeve to knock a few years off. And why not, I say?

“It’s not about looking 25 when you’re 50, but it is most definitely about looking and feeling youthful.”

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One of Melissa’s game-changing tips was to realise the pitfalls of classic dressing.

While it can be the epitome of elegance – simplicity, clean silhouettes, expert tailoring and minimal detailing – it can be ageing if you overdo it.

Melissa explained: “It’s strange but true, really classic pieces can make older women look frumptastic.

“What looked chic in your 30s will put you firmly in the frump zone in your 50s and beyond unless you change it up a little.


“I’m always depressed when I hear older women saying there’s nothing there in the shops for women of their age.

“There’s something for everyone, of every age. Sometimes we just have to look for it. We also need to be open to what could work for us. Get professional help if you need it.”

Older women must place a great deal of importance on wearing what they “love” according to the expert, not shunning fashion because they think they’re too old for it.

She said: “Choose clothes that make you feel good. If you get dressed, look in the mirror and feel a bit “meh”, take it all off and start again.

“Everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous and with a little effort it’s easily done.

“You can’t go naked into the world so why not choose something that makes you look and feel your best? If something’s making you feel old and frumpy, it’s time for a rethink.”

And getting older doesn’t have to mean a wardrobe of only shapeless trousers and baggy jumpers.

Melissa doesn’t advise mature ladies to kit themselves out totally in the latest trends, but an awareness of what’s going on in the fashion world is key – as long as you’re putting your personal stamp on it.

“As you get older, staying stylish isn’t necessarily about changing your look but it is about introducing a few tweaks to refresh things.

“Style inspiration is all around us – press, magazines, websites and celebrities – they can all be a source of inspiration.”

Melissa Lund is an image coach and personal stylist.

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