Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023

Mrs Hinch fans praise cheap home remedy to combat glass streaks

Window cleaning can be a pain, especially when your hard work is ruined by streaks that appear as fast as the smudges are cleared.

But suffer no longer, as fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have come to the rescue with a simple window cleaning method that will banish streaks for good.

After failing to clean streaky surfaces in her bathroom, one woman turned to the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips for help, reports InYourArea.

She posted: “Spent over an hour trying to clean my glass shower screen. It’s so smeared and looks worse than before I started. Save me please.”

The post has received over 160 comments since it was shared, with people eager to offer their insightful advice.

Flocking to the comment section, many of them recommended a homemade solution, consisting of just water and white vinegar.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “Vinegar in a bowl of hot water, use this to clean the window, then wipe dry with kitchen paper.”

Seeking clarification, one person questioned: “What concentration do you do with the vinegar and water please? Thank you.”

Explaining further, the woman said: “I do 50/50 warm water and white vinegar. I use two Minky green glass cloths – one with the solution on and a dry one.”

“Leaves very sparkly windows and mirrors and no streaks,” she added.

Praising the idea further, a different user wrote: “I spray with diluted white vinegar, leave for an hour or so and rinse followed by buffing with a soft cloth.”

Another replied: “This is the best advice ever. I also buff them after.”

Some people suggested using car screenwash as a low-cost alternative.

“Car screen wash. Works a treat no smears,” wrote a user.

Another replied: “Yep, it’s brilliant. Use a car screen wash and a dry microfibre cloth to buff.”

Alternatively, some Mrs Hinch fans praised cleaning products such as the Pink Stuff and Viakal spray to do the job.

One user wrote: “Viakal is the best… leave on the glass for 30 minutes it will come up like new glass use a scouring pad and rinse.” Another agreed: “Viakal – and nothing else.”

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