Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2023

Meghan Markle’s wedding tiara ‘isn’t fully a tiara at all’ due to ‘unusual’ feature

Meghan Markle’s wedding tiara was one of the standout features of her marital ensemble and is one of “the most famous royal tiaras of all time” according to royal fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder. However, there is an “unusual” hidden gem at the centre of the tiara which makes it slightly different from others in the royal collection.

“The Queen Mary Bandeau tiara. You probably recognise this one as its one Meghan Markle reportedly chose when she went to visit the Queen, to wear on her wedding day,” explained Miranda in a video on her TikTok page @themirandahlolder.

“Like so many of the royal tiaras, it was originally commissioned for Queen Mary and is rather unusual because it isn’t actually fully a tiara at all.

“The centrepiece of the tiara is actually a brooch featuring 10 beautiful diamonds. 40 years later the band tiara was made specifically to accommodate this brooch.”

This diamond and platinum bandeau tiara, lent to the Duchess by Her Majesty The Queen, held the veil in place. The Royal Collection Trust explained that the centre of the tiara is set with a detachable brooch of ten brilliant diamonds.

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“Queen Mary bequeathed the tiara to Queen Elizabeth when she died in 1953 and the rest as they say is history.”

In Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, he recounts watching Meghan try on tiaras ahead of their big day. In 2018, the couple went to visit the Queen in her private dressing room, which Harry says he had previously “never been in”.

As well as Meghan and the Queen, Harry writes that a royal jewellery expert and Queen Elizabeth’s long-time stylist Angela Kelly were also present.

“I stood behind, watching. One was all emeralds. One was aquamarine,” says Harry. “Each was more dazzlingly stunning than the last. Each took my breath.”

He also recalls his Grandmother making a very tender statement to his future wife. “Granny said to Meg quite tenderly: ‘Tiaras suit you’,” he wrote. “Meg melted. ‘Thank you, Ma’am.'”

However, when Meghan opted for the Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara, the Prince said it “stood out” to everyone present. “It was beautiful, seemingly made for Meg,” he added.

In a long-standing Royal Family tradition, most royal women wear their first tiara on their wedding day.

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