Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2023

Meghan Markle uses ‘bold gesture’ to ‘show the world Harry is hers’ – claim

“They also demonstrate a lot of ‘butterfly’ hand contact – meaning each of them rests one hand on the other one or holds one hand of the other, very gently, without pressing or bending any fingers,” she added.

“This is a very subtle and sensitive hand-holding, showing that the couple shares a lot of trust, and feel no need nor desire to limit the other person.

“Lastly, we’ve seen the couple engage in the ultimate hand-holding, the ‘clam shell’ – meaning one partner is holding the other’s hand, with both their hands, in a clam shape.

“Usually we see Meghan embracing Harry’s hand, using both her hands. This is a bold gesture of deep connection and reassurance. She is showing her husband that she’s happy to share whatever he brings into the relationship.

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