Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2023

Meghan Markle lookalike and Tiktok star is ‘waiting’ to audition for The Crown

Christine Primrose Mathis is an air hostess and Tiktok star who has called herself the “next best thing” to Meghan Markle. She has said as airline passengers have constantly confused her for the real royal and have risen to fame for her celebrity impressions.

Christine first began receiving comments that she looked like Meghan Markle eight years ago when the Duchess of Sussex was starring in Suits.

She said: “I was working in first-class as a flight attendant and passengers would say, ‘Hey, you look like that girl from Suits’ every so often.

“I could see the resemblance but I just brushed it off but when Meghan and Harry got engaged, that’s when I started hearing it a lot more often.”

Since then, Christine has decided to embrace her royal resemblance and has signed up for a lookalike agency and even wishes to audition to play the Duchess for the Crown.

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Christine has also said it would be her “dream” to play Meghan Markle in a film and has found success as a doppelganger for the Duchess.

She has flown out to California for a photoshoot and has made custom video requests for royal fans to impersonate Meghan Markle.

Christine said: “I think most of my following comes from people thinking I am Meghan Markle but at the same time I hope they also like my personality.

“Hopefully I can get some corporate work and TV work. I’ve been acting since I was very young and I’m working on getting an audition with my agent. That would be the absolute dream.”

Christine’s resemblance has also come with some downsides, as she has been criticised for her style choices online.

She said: “Social media can be cruel; I’ve had people comment that I’m trying to be her or that my hair and make-up is the same.

“I feel like I’ve always done my hair like that. I try to ignore the people who are being mean.”

On Tiktok, fans have also pointed out that while Christine looks like Meghan Markle, her voice also bears a resemblance to reality star Kim Kardashian.

Christine has reacted with amusement to having another striking celebrity resemblance and has said she takes the comments as a compliment.

She said: “Maybe it is because we have the same accent, a Californian one.”

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