Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2023

Man dating 23-year-old trapped in the body of an 8-year-old hints at rekindled romance

Dan Swygart was criticised when he started dating Shauna Rae Lesick, a woman whose growth was stunted due to undergoing cancer treatment as a child. Dan, from Wales, was “inspired” by Shauna, and sent her flowers, sparking a number of dates.

It was reported the pair had called time on their relationship, but an update has inspired fans to hope the pair might rekindle. Dan has told his 24.2K Instagram followers that the pair are “getting to know each other” in an Instagram story post.

He shared a post highlighting a news story about himself. Dan wrote: “Literally every single time I go on Facebook or YouTube all I see are videos of me and Shauna.

“Me and Shauna are still good friends, getting to know each other.”

Dan reached out to Shauna, who is three feet, 10 inches tall, and weighs 50 pounds, after being inspired by her story. He sent her some flowers and a card saying: “Go live your best life. Wishing you all the happiness you deserve.”

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Dan then flew to the US, and the couple went on a series of dates, with Shauna claiming they were “similar” and he had “piqued her interest” with his active lifestyle.

These dates were chronicled on her TLC reality series, I Am Shauna Rae. However, Dan received some cruel backlash.

People flooded the comment section of the episode’s YouTube video and branded the potential relationship “not right”.

One wrote: “Sorry but the fact that he spotted her online and contacted her on purpose makes me feel uncomfortable since looks are usually the first and most important impression you get online.”

Another wrote: “It would be totally different if they got to know each other by coincidence in real life and he got to love her for her character and was sort of seeing past her childlike appearance.”

One commenter said: “Dan almost seems especially attracted to her BECAUSE she is tiny which is concerning. I am sorry.’

Dan shared a video in response and said: “She survived cancer as a child, she’s always felt different and was treated different by society.

“How dare you take away her right to have a connection, a friendship, a relationship with someone else?

“Who are you to say that she can’t have that? I am absolutely disgusted by some people’s attitudes towards her and my friendship with her.”

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