Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2023

Kate, Princess of Wales uses rare ‘gesture’ in Cornwall

Kate and William visited the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, Cornwall, today. The royal couple is also titled the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and this was the first time they had visited Cornwall together since taking on the new title.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the royal couple’s body language during the visit, and noted that Kate clearly demonstrated her confidence and charisma as she spoke to the crowds that had gathered to meet her and her husband.

She said: “Kate has always been undeniably charismatic but it has tended to be a more passive, regal form of charisma.

“Recently though she seems to have grown in confidence and notched up in terms of her body language rituals on visits and appearances.

“She is now fully out of her husband’s shadow, showing signs of adopting a more active style of charisma that allows her natural enthusiasm, warmth and humour shine through.”

Kate spoke to many among the crowd, even holding some people’s hands and hugging others.

She also spoke to many children, crouching down to their height, conversing with them eye-to-eye.

Judi continued: “Here the charm offensive looks authentic, natural ‘Kate’, and quite a relentlessly emphatic signal of the Queen she intends to become.

“A day before she was pulling tyres along via her waist without a glimmer of embarrassment or shyness.”


Judi claimed that comparisons could be made to Diana while watching Kate, especially in the way she was tactile with members of the public, as well as in the way she spoke to the children among the crowds.

“She is not just working the crowd but working with the crowd,” the body language expert stressed.

“She is showing the kind of empathy, mirroring, and bonding behaviours that Diana used to be known for, and which made her feel like a personal friend.

“Kate is no longer waiting for the fans to ask for touches, handshakes, and hugs – she is prompting them in a way that suggests very high levels of not just confidence, but the type of relationship optimism that suggests she has finally realised her own popularity with the public. It looks like a mutual-adoration here as Kate is tactile and actively affectionate.”

Judi continued: “When she approaches her hosts she is first in with the greeting handshake, and when the woman performs a curtsey, Kate seems to hold her hand high, as though letting her know she needn’t bother.

“Kate bends down to engage in what looks like a proper conversation with a small girl over a bracelet, and she looks so happy.

“She also amuses a baby with face-pulling, head tilts, and laughter. She seems to have acquired the rare skill of making a few moments during a visit feel memorable and personal for each person she chats to.”

Looking specifically at the photos of Kate hugging Jim Embury, Judi said: “There is another non-verbal sign of very rare levels of authenticity when Kate hugs her old history teacher here.

“Royals will often allow themselves to be hugged, but their micro-gestures will tend to signal suppressed discomfort as they do.

“Kate’s hug though looks congruent – right out to the extremities. After flinging her arms out when she sees the man, she then binds one arm around his neck and pokes her jaw out on the approach to share the sense of fun, surprise, and delight.

“In the warm hug, one hand is raised to pat the man in an approval gesture, but the biggest cue or tell comes from her fingers. These aren’t curled or bunched, or even held away from the man’s back, but as relaxed and tactile as if she were hugging a very dear friend or family member.

“Genuine charisma is all about how you make people around you feel,” Judi added. “Kate’s new, very relaxed, natural, and tactile body language will have the best effect on the feelings of the people she is meeting here.”

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