Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2023

Kate Middleton is the ‘perfect role model’ during ‘controversy from the US’

, 41, displayed “stoic” today, according to an expert, who stepped out on International Women’s Day. The Princess of Wales recently was made the Colonel of the Irish Guards and learnt to treat battlefield casualties today.

The royal commentator for the Daily Express, Richard Palmer, tweeted: “The Princess of Wales has been learning how to treat battlefield casualties during a training exercise with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards on Salisbury Plain on her first visit to the regiment since becoming Colonel.”

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain how the Princess handled the exercises today.

She said: “On International Womens Day Kate has chosen to illustrate the kind of stoic, resilient body language under pressure that both the Queen and Princess Anne have always been famous for.

“Sent to Salisbury Plain in the snow and sludge she gets stuck into this visit wearing an expression of seriousness and determination.”

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Judi argued that no matter the intentions that the Princess had with publishing the photos, she appeared to be very observant with her work today.

She claimed: “It might be a photo opportunity for the press but she doesn’t seem to be acting or playing for the cameras.

“Being instructed how to deal with a casualty her eye gaze and her firm facial expression suggests she’s absorbing every word and happy to join in.”

Kate represents a different side of royalty, in comparison to the “controversies” that tend to be the most spoken about, Judi opined.

She added: “With the Coronation looming and the usual controversy from the US still swirling on a daily basis, Kate seems to be the perfect role model for not just surviving but blossoming professionally under pressure.

“She shares no private thoughts of doubt or self-pity, either verbally or non-verbally, she just gets on with the job.”

Kate wore a traditional khaki army outfit today as she undertook training on the battlefield.

This included her G-Star Raw “skinny cargo trousers”, which she first debuted on tour in Belize last year.

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Kate first debuted these sturdy boots back in 2019, therefore they are no longer in stock.

Their description says: “Lightweight comfort with a streamlined, one-piece construction in soft but strong leather.

“Incorporated GORE-TEX technology keeps water out while letting sweat escape, so your feet will never get clammy.

“Effectively absorbing shocks and jolts, anti-clogging soles shed sticky mud, while memory-foam heel and toe features cushion you from impacts and give you the snuggest of fits.”

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