Published On: Tue, Feb 21st, 2023

Kate breaks protocol with gesture ‘indicative of a true relationship’

Darren Staunton is a body language expert who has worked with criminal barrister Robert “Judge” Rinder. Dubbed the Human Lie Detector, the former police officer provided his professional analysis on Kate and William’s body language at the BAFTAs.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, Darren looked closely at Kate and William’s body language throughout the evening of the BAFTAs, and especially the moment when Kate is seen trying to grab William’s hand, before patting his behind.

It seemed that William declined to hold his wife’s hand, and therefore she decided to pat his behind in a playful gesture.

Darren said: “A truly fantastic night appeared to be had by all on Sunday night, especially with the attendance of Prince William and Kate.

“From a body language expert’s point of view, this was a fascinating and ever developing story about a real couple.

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“At the beginning of the clip, Kate looked like she went to touch William’s hand, and it was not reciprocated.

“She then went on to tap him on the backside, which is indicative of a true relationship. She was being very cheeky, knowing that this gesture will probably make global headlines. It’s apparent they both have a very great sense of humour, can have fun together, and are mischievous.

“The gesture also demonstrated a massive amount of confidence from Kate. It’s not often you would see a senior member of the Royal Family tapping their partner on the bottom – it breaks overall protocol.

“Most couples have their own private gestures with each other, and this is Kate’s. She is clearly very comfortable in her own skin. This clearly signifies how confident the couple have both become over the years. It’s apparent that they do not mind the world seeing their affectionate side.”

Another example of Kate’s growing confidence was the fact that she was able to socialise alone during the awards ceremony, not only by William’s side.

Darren said: “Following the awards, Kate and William went on to meet the winners from the night. Unlike previous occasions, where the two used to be joined at the hip and relying on each other’s presence for confidence, they aren’t afraid to interact with the public by themselves.

“In one of the photographs, William was seen shaking hands with Austin Butler, who lowered his height during their meeting. This is a submissive gesture, conveying respect and acknowledging his status as Prince. It is also a sign of a slight lack of confidence.”

The body language expert added: “In terms of Kate’s body language and expressions, she appeared extremely open and engaged while meeting various celebrities. She’s an extremely confident person now and has the self-assurance to talk to anyone, including the biggest movie stars.

“In one of the photographs, she was seen speaking to Alison Hammond. They both displayed genuine smiles of joy, which was denoted by the fact that their whole faces were engaged and displayed crows feet at the side of the eyes. Kate is clearly extremely comfortable in these situations.”

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