Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2023

‘Jaishankar has a Point’: German Chancellor Backs EAM’s ‘Europe Mindset’ Remark | India News

Munich [Germany]: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz quoted External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar`s viral “European mindset” remark during the Munich Security Conference. Jaishankar, during the 17th edition of the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum in Slovakia last year, replied to a question on India`s stand in the Russia-Ukraine war, and said, “Europe has to grow out of the mindset that Europe`s problems are the world`s problems, but the world`s problems are not Europe`s problems.” 

The context was used by the German Chancellor on Friday during the Munich Security Conference as he suggested a change in the so-called “mindset” and said that Jaishankar has “a point”. 

“This quote from the Indian Foreign Minister is included in this year`s Munich Security Report and he has a point it wouldn`t be Europe`s problem alone if the law of the strong were to assert itself in international relations,” Scholz said. 

He also said that to be a credible European or North American in Jakarta, New Delhi, it is not enough to emphasize shared values. 

“We have to generally address the interests and concerns of these countries as a basic prerequisite for joint action. And that`s why it was so important to me to not merely have representatives of Asia, Africa and Latin America at the negotiating table during the G Seven Summit last June. I really wanted to work with these regions to find solutions to the main challenges they face growing poverty and hunger, partly as a consequence of Russia`s war, as well as the impact of climate change or COVID-19,” he added. 

Last year, during the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, Jaishankar was asked why he thinks anyone will help New Delhi in case of a problem with China after it did not help others for Ukraine. 

“Somewhere Europe has to grow out of the mindset that Europe`s problems are the world`s problems but the world`s problems are not Europe`s problems. That if it is you, it`s yours, if it is me it is ours. I see reflections of that,” he had said. 

“There is a linkage today which is being made. A linkage between China and India and what`s happening in Ukraine. China and India happened way before anything happened in Ukraine. The Chinese do not need a precedent somewhere else on how to engage us or not engage us or be difficult with us or not be difficult with us,” he had added. 

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