Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2023

Expert says your haircare routine may be making you look older – how to ‘bring back shine’

There is a common misconception that is all about skincare. However, the correct cut, colour and style can take years off almost instantly. asked Milk + Blush’s Nicole Petty to share her top tips for youthful locks.

Regular trips to the salon are absolutely essential to maintaining healthy, young-looking hair.

But taking care of your hair at home and practising good haircare is essential too.

Nicole explained that a woman’s haircare routine may have to be adapted with age as her hair takes on a new texture.

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You may have been using the same serums for years, but these may need to be ditched in favour of more beneficial products.

She told “As you get older, your hair slowly becomes drier, coarser and thinner.

“That’s because as hair follicles get smaller, sebum production declines – meaning the scalp produces fewer natural oils that keep the hair hydrated.”

But nobody wants dry, dull hair at any age – what can women do to maintain the youthful sheen they had when they were younger?


The expert stated: “If you’re noticing big changes in your hair’s texture, you may need to switch up your haircare routine.”

She recommended two key products which will help the hair regain its bounce and gloss.

Nicole said: “Incorporate more moisturising products, such as oils and hair masks, into your routine.”

The benefits of this are many – “keep frizzy hair at bay, visibly soften hair, and help maintain hair health”.

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She recommended introducing highlights or lowlights to help grey hair appear “more dimensional, shinier, and healthier”. 

“If your hair is darker, opt for darker shades of salt and pepper or charcoal grey to complement and blend with your natural locks.

“Alternatively, natural blondes may wish to opt for lighter, warmer shades.

“Combining blonde with grey is a fabulous way to embrace greys in a youthful way without washing you out.”

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