Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2023

Decisive mandate a must in Karnataka elections, says Sudheendra Kulkarni

Political analyst and columnist Sudheendra Kulkarni said here on Wednesday that the forthcoming Assembly elections in Karnataka must provide a decisive mandate as a hung verdict will encourage horse trading and use of money power.

Addressing media persons in the city Mr. Kulkarni, who was also a close aide of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and senior BJP leader L.K. Advani, said that the civil society and the voters have an important role to play to ensure that there was no hung Assembly which, he feared, would result in the voters’ verdict being overturned by use of money power.

Mr. Kulkarni said like-minded political forces should form an alliance on the basis of common ideology and policies and here the Congress should be more accommodative and show large-heartedness in accommodating the smaller players as Congress cannot bring about a change of government by itself nor can change take place without the Congress.  

Mr. Kulkarni was critical of the BJP in the State and said that its electoral plank should be based on development works but instad it was focussing on divisive issues like ‘’Love Jihad’’ or raking up controversies over Tipu Sultan which, he said, was promoting communal polarisation in the society. ‘’Even a section of BJP and RSS leaders are opposed to it and they should raise their voice against it’’, he added.

Mr. Kulkarni said the concept of secularism is being perceived as being ‘’anti-Hindu’’ and efforts should be made to allay such misconceived concerns instead of trying to abrogate secularism itself as being threatened by a section of BJP leaders.

He said Karnataka was a multicultural and multireligious State with a long history and tradition of saints, thinkers, artists, litterateurs who have contributed to its cultural diversity. ‘’Karnataka’s tradition has been enriched by saints like Basavanna, Shishunal Shariff, writers like Kuvempu etc. Karnataka’s tradition is not casteism or violence and hence the people should ensure that the State remain as a land of peace.”

Mr. Kulkarni said Karnataka’s electoral politics had always witnessed open and free elections but in recent times money power was playing sway and was diluting democratic values. Non-political and independent organisations have a role to play in minimising this development.

In reply to a question he said the BJP government at the Centre has hastened the pace of infrastructure development but it has failed to curb price rise and in creating employment opportunities. He also said that the BJP of the present times was different and less inclusive and less democratic compared to what it was during the Vajapyee period.

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