Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2023

Dating: Mortified woman dated a stand up comedian and then made a horrifying discovery

Natalie is an associate producer who shares fun stories about what it is like to live in New York on her TikTok page @newyorkisntdead. Recently, the New Yorker went viral online after she revealed that her ex-boyfriend used extremely personal stories about their relationship for his comedy stand-up routine.

Natalie began her video with one hand placed on her head and looking embarrassed. She said: “You guys are gonna die when I tell you this story.” She added: “I am only now getting to the point where I can talk [about what happened] without bursting into tears.”

The New Yorker said: “Over the summer, I was seeing somebody who was in an open relationship. It lasted about six months.” Natalie then went on to describe the relationship as being “super cool” and “super consensual”.

She said: “Basically we had a lot of fun together and developed a really sick friendship. After six months it ended but we ended on fine terms.”

Natalie thought everything had been fine between the both of them, but then said: “This is when it gets traumatising.”

Natalie said that two weeks ago she had “casually decided to stalk” her former boyfriend’s social media to take a trip down memory lane. However, when Natalie went to take a look at his social media accounts, she surprisingly could not find any of his social media.

She said: “This motherf**ker had blocked me on everything” and then searched online to discover why her ex-boyfriend did not want her to see his social media. Natalie then found the embarrassing truth.

She said: “It turns out he had posted a five-minute clip of him doing stand-up in front of a full audience, basically just roasting me and my life.”

The New Yorker said that her ex-boyfriend had spoken about their intimate moments, such as their sex life. She said: “[He was] completely brutally roasting me and making my life a complete joke, all while there’s like an audience laughing.”

She added: “This man went out of his way to block me so that I wouldn’t see the jokes he made about my life cause he knew they were so mean.”

Natalie said there was an “endless amount of f*cked up things” wrong with what her boyfriend did, but she said she had one final message for her ex. She said: “I think my biggest takeaway is that if you have to resort to talking about a woman’s body during intimate moments with her for a joke to make people laugh, you’re probably not a very good stand-up comedian.”

The video was an instant hit with over 800 hundred thousand people seeing the video and lots of users in the comment section were outraged on Natalie’s behalf, as many begged the TikTok star to reveal who her ex-boyfriend was. One user named Shana wrote: “I am trying to turn a new leaf this year. But if you drop the name I can start tomorrow.”

Another popular comment from a user called Liz said: “Name him, we ride at dawn.” while somebody else wrote: “Please give us a name. This is my biggest fear of dating anyone with a stage presence. I am so sorry he did this.”

Natalie has thanked everyone for the attention, and in another video, she responded and wrote: “[I] woke up to hundreds of women saying they would ride for me. This year is going to be an epic one I can feel it.”

However, Natalie has said she does not feel comfortable revealing who her ex-boyfriend might be and is asking people to respect her privacy and stop speculating. She said: “The reason I am not sharing this person’s name is for two reasons. One is that I do not want anyone to see the video. It is humiliating and this person is not well-known and I would like to keep it that way.”

Natalie added: “It was so hurtful. Why would I want people to see that? Secondarily [revealing his name] is not something that I would want to do, I would never want to out somebody like the way I felt outed with his video.”

The TikTok star continued: “It is not in my blood and I am not going to change my moral code just because he hurt me. The best way to support me is to respect my boundaries as I am only protecting myself by keeping this anonymous but thank you for saying you all will ride for me, I appreciate you.”

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