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‘Boring old fart’ Elvis ‘angered and disillusioned’ The Beatles | Music | Entertainment

Meanwhile, Harrison, who looked like he was stoned to Elvis’ guys, went outside to smoke a joint and talk about Hinduism with The King’s spiritual advisor and personal hairstylist, Larry Geller. Additionally, Lennon and McCartney picked up a couple of guitars and began jamming with Elvis – just imagine witnessing that! – as managers Colonel Tom Parker and Brian Epstein gambled on a coffee table turned roulette wheel.

Despite the fun, The Beatles were reportedly disappointed, with the famous Elvis biography recording: “Their response to Elvis was a prickly mix of anger and disillusion.

Following the one-off meeting between the five stars, The Beatles’ press officer Tony Barrow said candidly: “To be honest, I’d describe Elvis on that showing as a boring old fart. But I do know Ringo enjoyed his game of pool.” Nevertheless, The Beatles had invited The King and his Memphis Mafia round to where they were staying that weekend.

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