Published On: Mon, Feb 6th, 2023

Beatrice and Eugenie: Body language expert notices ‘large divide’ with Zara and Louise

, 34, and , 32, have homes in London, Windsor, The Cotswolds and Portugal. However, neither Princess is known for their country lifestyle, which the late Queen and other members of the Royal Family are.

Beatrice and Eugenie’s two female cousins, Zara Tindall and Lady Louise Windsor in contrast love horses and embrace the sporting nature of the countryside.

Zara is an Olympic equestrian and Lady Louise is an excellent carriage driver, a skill which she learnt from her late grandfather Prince Philip.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain how Beatrice and Eugenie differ from their more sporty cousins.

She said: “There is a very large, pronounced divide between the behaviour, styling and body language of the late Queen’s granddaughters.

“Zara and Louise appear to have embraced a country lifestyle that includes a shared passion for horses, with both being skilled competitors as well as avid race-goers like their late grandmother.

“Meanwhile, Beatrice and Eugenie’s lifestyles have been very typically town-based socialites, with work for charities and art galleries plus a love of attending the big London parties and events with their mother.”

According to Judi, Sarah Ferguson, 63, is a “hugely influential factor” in how Beatrice and Eugenie conduct themselves.

She explained: “Fergie has always been a hugely influential factor in her daughters’ lives and styling and it’s this that has probably taken her girls away from the traditionally royal horsey lifestyle.


“Fergie’s sport is skiing, which again means an emphasis on socialising. Her two daughters seem to have shared her passions and tastes as well as her rather controversial ‘townie’ fashion sense.

“Both girls have always adopted their mother’s love of high-impact, ‘statement’ dressing.

“Meanwhile, Louise is very much a tweeds and jeans girl and Zara sticks to the kind of casual, stylish but accessible fashions from the shop that is her namesake.”

Judi claims that Zara Tindall comes across as more “spontaneous” compared to her younger York cousins.

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She continued: “Zara’s confident, spontaneous and often playful-looking body language can often make her look like the sassy heroine of a Jilly Cooper novel.

“Meanwhile, Eugenie and Beatrice’s body language has always looked far more Jane Austen.

“They are often mirrored like twins, showing signs of sisterly affection to one another but a sense of diffidence and wariness to the rest of the world.

“Their poses have always suggested they fed off one another for support and confidence and it has taken marriage and motherhood to change that state slightly and show each developing individual signals of raised confidence and independence.”

One thing that binds each of King Charles’ nieces is their “maternal influence”, according to the body language expert.

Judi added: “The maternal influence seems strong in all four women’s body language.

“Zara has inherited her mother Anne’s signals of straightforward confidence and added a sense of informal fun that we don’t normally glimpse much from Anne in her public life.

“Meanwhile, Louise has inherited Sophie’s rather quieter look of professionalism and emotional intelligence.”

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