Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2023

63-year-old doctor claims his body is 20 years younger, shares his fitness routine

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Reportedly, the doctor’s food plate is dominated by whole foods. His diet comprises 75% of vegetables and fruits, which are low in glycemic index.”About three-quarters of your plate should be covered in veggies… aim for deep colours,” the doctor himself shared.

“Whole foods such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, pasture-raised eggs, and small wild fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, herring, anchovies and wild salmon contain healthy fats,” he said.

He also recommends having healthy sources of fat.

“For oils, use extra virgin olive oil (at low or no heat), avocado oil (for higher-heat cooking), and organic virgin coconut oil,” the doctor adds.

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